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King Chilli (U-Morok) is a crop that has been cultivated in Manipur since time immemorial. King Chilli is also known as ghost pepper, ghost chilli, naga Jolokia and bhoot Jolokia. It is among one of the hottest chillies in the world. The Scoville Heat Unit (SHUs) is reported to be 20,41,427. It is consumed in fresh or dried form and used for its distinct flavour and aroma in various culinary preparations. Due to its distinct taste and pungency, people of North East India commonly use this chilli for making pickles and adding hotness to non-vegetarian foodstuffs. In recent years this crop is gaining importance because of its high content of capsaicin (3-5%) as compared to any other Indian chilli.

The crop is semi perennial but the fruits' size is gradually reduced beyond three years of growth. In Jhum cultivation, direct seeding is practised in paddy fields during February-March and the peak harvest time is between August- September.

Health Benefits: Capsaicin, the active principle which accounts for the pharmaceutical properties of chilies is useful as a counter-irritant, anti-arthritic, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agent. Capsaicin has also received increased attention for its anti-obesity effect.

Nutritional Value per 100g

24.44 kg
2.36 g
1.59 g
Total Dietary Fibre
4.83 g

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